American Niagara Hospitality Supports Community Missions

Apr 03, 2017

American Niagara Hospitality, donated over 2,500 items to Community Missions in Niagara Falls. Additionally, bringing the company’s 50 managers to the Community Missions location to volunteer, learn and to demonstrate community leadership.

“We were so proud to donate our time, and for our staff to have gone above and beyond with their personal donations, to this wonderful community organization that is right in our backyard. The 50 managers from American Niagara Hospitality who spent the afternoon at the Mission truly felt connected to the community at large. Our company plans on continuing to engage with organizations like Community Missions throughout Western New York for the entirety of the year,” said Geoffrey Reeds, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Since its founding in 1925, Community Missions has provided a unique blend of referral, crisis, community support, and residential services for youth and adults. In 2016, Community Missions provided over 89,000 meals and over 11,000 nights of care to its neighbors in need. Additional agency programs serve adults and youth with psychiatric disabilities, parolees, at-risk youth and other underserved populations in both residential and recovery-oriented settings.

“Having the management staff from American Niagara Hospitality out was a tremendous benefit for our agency,” said Christian Hoffman of Community Missions. “We were thrilled to receive the personal care items and food donations that the staff brought, and to have them tour our facilities. However, more impactful was the opportunity to share ideas across industry, as our two kitchen staffs collaborated, along with our marketing staffs and other similar areas. This was a great opportunity for all of us to display community leadership.”

Over the last year, the executive team of American Niagara Hospitality has introduced a new vision, mission and core values, and has put forth great efforts to instill these ideas in all of the employees. Each and every day, associates aim to “Warm the hearts of every person they touch.” One of the keys to their success is the focus on culture, developing a platform that focuses on providing memorable moments for its guests, rewarding careers for our associates and respectable returns for our stakeholders. They have a team of associates that are very dedicated and involved in overall goals, and an ownership and management team that support the efforts to achieve them. “We wanted to make sure this year, that we extended our mission to ‘warm the hearts’ outside of our buildings,” said Kerry Karbowski, Corporate Director of Human Resources for American Niagara Hospitality. “This community engagement is so exciting not only for me personally, but for all of our associates as well as our stakeholders. We want our associates to be prideful of the company that they work for, but also for their own community. I know our staff really appreciated being able to give back to the Niagara Falls community today.”

American Niagara Hospitality employs over 600 employees year-round. Currently they have a variety of employment positions available within American Niagara Hospitality’s other entities. Part-time, full-time and seasonal positions are available. Potential candidates can submit resumes by emailing or visiting

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